rewarding, recognizing and remembering
irresistibly easy


What is Thankz?

Thankz is all about positive reinforcement

A revolutionary and unique way for customers, clients, partners or suppliers to acknowledge, praise and applaud outstanding customer service via their smartphone devices, in an experiential and memorable way.

The process of doing so can then be captured – giving your organization the opportunity to recognize, reward, motivate and incentivize individuals, teams, departments and divisions who excel in what they do best - gathering vital intelligence on the overall performance of the organization in the process.

How does Thankz work?

A unique application of physical and digital technology

Thankz is a revolutionary electronic name badge, worn by customer-facing employees, that is instantly recognizable by a Smart Phone App, using Bluetooth connectivity.

Thankz interaction

When an individual is thanked by a customer, this high-value interaction can then be monitored by managers and leaders, and in real time, who are then empowered to respond appropriately – Reward, recognition, praise or a specific brand-led incentivisation. This technology bridges teams internally who are collectively charged with delivering customer service – Marketing, Sales, HR, Training and of course, Leadership.


Reality: Experience is brand

Customers want to reward great service but often lack the tools to do so in a fast, convenient and meaningful way.

Front-line customer service, in many sectors and industries, is failing to meet the high expectations set by advertising, promotions, marketing communications, digital experiences, events, loyalty schemes and PR.

  • A meaningful investment in your front line people
  • Service is at the heart of customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Customers want to have a voice but dislike doing surveys and feedback requests
  • Companies are desperate for insightful data on their service levels
  • Genuinely and immediately saying thanks is the most powerful motivator
  • At present, you cannot track these crucial interactions

Superior customer service involves uniting, aligning and focusing internal teams including Marketing, Sales, HR, Training and Leadership on the needs, expectations and attitudes of your customers. Thankz does this by giving your customers a meaningful and genuine voice.

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